7. International L-Number-Days 2023


7. International L-Number-Days 2023

In this section we have summarized all the information concerning the event.

The 7th International L-Number Days will start on Friday, October 20, and last until Sunday, October 22, 2023. The official program will start on Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. with dinner and the first lectures.

6. International L-Number-Days 2019

Of course there will be again a Catfish Exchange give, whereby the handing over of the animals should take place best on the meeting. Likewise we have again a Passenger-Exchange and also a Room Sharing where you can look for or offer a place to stay overnight.

For contacting the providers of the exchanges we have connected their names with a link to a contact form. So you can easily contact them without knowing their direct contact details. Only when the provider then responds, you will receive their email address.

6. Internationale L-Wels-Tage 2019

To make it easy to find out whether participants from your own region are also registered, we have also published a List of Participants this time. For data protection reasons, the last two digits of the postal codes are anonymized here. It can be contradicted also with the registration this publication, so that then also the name and if necessary the place of residence are not indicated.

In the menu item “Informations” we have provided lots of interesting things. Beside the advertising banners, the flyers and the program also other useful things around Hannover and the 7th International L-Number-Days.