7. International L-Number-Days 2023


7. International L-Number-Days 2023

The ornamental fish wholesale aqua-global was initially founded in 1996 in Wegendorf as Dr. Jander & Co. OHG. In 2000 the company moved to a new building in Seefeld, where it started its business activities in May. The company premises with the ornamental fish hall are located near the north-eastern Berlin freeway ring road in the Seefeld industrial park.

The new aqua-global

On April 1, 2021, the business was taken over by aqua-global Zierfischgroßhandel GmbH, consisting of the three shareholders Irene Nagel, Michael Rath and Ingo Seidel. While Michael Rath and Ingo Seidel had previously been employed by the company for many years, Irene Nagel was the owner of several branches of the Futterhaus chain in the Kiel area for a long time. Ingo Seidel is also known as the author of several books about catfish and other ornamental fish. Currently, more than 25 full-time employees are employed. aqua-global is a certified wholesaler for tropical ornamental fish, pond fish and selected terrarium animals. In addition, we operate an assortment wholesale with a focus on aquaristic, terraristic and pond accessories. The accessories wholesale is also located in the industrial park Seefeld in the Gewerbeparkstr. 6. On an area of almost 5.000 sqm we offer the pet retailer there almost everything his heart desires. Visit us or ask for our stock lists! The sale takes place only to the zoo specialized trade! However, we are happy to inform interested aquarists about pet shops in their area, which purchase animals from us.

Tropical ornamental fish

The aqua-global warm water system consists of about 2,300 aquariums with 200 liters of water each. The ornamental fish are usually clearly separated by fish families in the facility. This makes it possible for our visitors to keep track of the fish despite the huge range on offer. All aquariums have individual filtration to prevent the possibility of spreading diseases. At aqua-global there are more than 800 species of ornamental fish and breeding forms in the program at any given time. The main focus is on South American tetras, catfishes, Asian cyprinids as well as shrimps and crayfishes. The animals are mainly imported from the usual areas of origin. The main focus is on South America (Brazil, Guyana, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Singapore) and Israel. German offspring and fish from other European origins (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia) also make up a large proportion. Not least due to the preference of the managing director Ingo Seidel for South American catfishes, aqua-global offers an above-average assortment of L-catfishes and armored catfishes.


An aquaristic oriented assortment wholesale is also integrated in the company. We can offer you a wide range of products from various manufacturers in addition to aquariums, terrariums, gravel and rocks. Packaging materials, such as rubber rings and packaging bags, can also be purchased through us. We have greatly increased our range of decoration materials for freshwater and saltwater aquariums in recent years. In addition to the standard assortment (lava rock, perforated rock, etc.) we also carry quartz, jasper, sodalite, and terrace rock from Namibia. Furthermore we can offer you an extensive rock program of the company Feller Stone consisting of lava, tuff, rainbow rock, slate, stone wood and other rarities. For loricariid catfish we have the most different caves in the assortment, whereby however also here the selling takes place only over the zoo specialized trade.


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